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The Realization Of Donald Glover


Mar 29, 2020

Comedy sketches.
Television acting roles.
Movies acting roles.
Televison script writer.
Hip hop music/Gave birth to Childish Gambino
R&B music.
Alternative music.
SNL host.
Emmy, Golden Globe, and Grammy award winner….

Donald Glover is the most talent artist in the world. That is not a shot at any personal favorite, but I came with statistics vs your feelings. I win.

From his humble beginnings with Derrick Comedy (the ‘Mystery Team’ movie was an instant classic) to Community to writing for 30 Rock to Redbone to This Is America…..who else has this track record at the age of 36 (as of print)?

The recent release of 3.15.20 is a experimental album of Gambino using elements of hip hop, harmony, and futuristic sounds playing from past decades. Donald Glover has always allowed himself to extend his musical taste outside of traditional rap music through beats and bars, and his fan base has been there every step of the way to cheer it on. 3.15.20 is the fantastic consummation of his ability to have free expression in his own unique way.

Yes, there are better rappers: Kendrick. Better singers: Bruno. Better dancers: Chris Brown. Better actors: Leonardo. Better directors: Coogler. But none of them provides the full range that Glover does, and Glover does it exceptionally well.

GOATs don’t specialize. We dominate every lane possible. And Glover has a Stone Mount Rushmore of his own.

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