Crenshaw vs Victory Lap

Ahhh….the age old question; Lebron or Jordan. Wait, dope hip hop line coming……“Only difference is we all slaves now, the chains still concealed” when J Cole said that line, he meant something deeper that made a person think twice but I’m going to be blunt on why I put that line as my blog’s opener. Its easy to be a prisoner of the moment and most people become prisoners of the moment. An example, people were calling Steph the best 3 point shooter ever 4 years ago and I’m thinking to myself, hey what about Ray Allen, Reggie Miller and even Steve Nash was crazy accurate from anywhere on the court. I always like to take a step back and access the full situation before proclaiming something new is better than the old. Well in the case of Victory Lap Vs Crenshaw “in my best Muray impression” I’m not sure if Victory Lap is Nipsey Hussle best work. I may be very very wrong and may change my opinion through the course of this blog multiple times. Pay dues, pay homage. Crenshaw was the one that boosted Nipsey to the top of the hustle music totem pole. I remember back in 2013, skinny as rifle(there goes a Nip line for the ones in the back), being deployed just wanting to go back home with some muscle and weight on me. My alarm would go off at 4am every morning playing No Days Off. That mixtape was life for me during those 6 months. Then to hear his whole strategy about selling the Crenshaw tape for $100 was inspiring as well because that was around the time we started YTG. A big time of my life came when he dropped this classic tape. Whats even more impactful is that this tape also came out during the resurgance of west coast rap. The West had took the crown back during the time of 2011-2013 and haven’t looked back and Nip is definitely apart of that kingdom that Kendrick owns. A very through piece of art to say the least. Now since this is a VS article, I guessssss I have to hype up Victory Lap as well, but does it really need anymore hype. Real Nipsey fans are raving about the piece of art that Victory Lap is and as they should be. It’s the acculamtion of everything that he has done. The $100 mixtapes, the proud to pay app. VL is all of that summarized in an album. The roll out of the album was equivalent to phase 2 of what Marvel has been doing. The videos, the label, all star weekend in LA. The timing was just right. Once the first track begins, it doesn’t disappoint. The brash, unforgiving bars of Nip sit over a melodic yet motivational type beat that’s accompanied by the smooth voice of Stacy Barthe. It definitely set the tone of what was the come. The features on this album was well placed and thought out as well with the acts of Kendrick Lamar, Ceelo Green and even Diddy with some shit talking ad-libs. Personally my favorite track is one of the two bonus tracks that features Dom Kennedy and Belly. Even after 10 month of this album’s release, VL still feel as if he dropped it last week. With marquee artist that dropped this year such as Drake, Jayz and Beyoncé, meek mill Kanye, pusha T, it’s clear as day that VL is album of the year. I’d hate to speed up the process of me being a crusty old head and always say the old was better than the new stuff cause if that was the case then Crenshaw > VL. But never mind that, VL > Crenshaw in a close battle of the classic projects.

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